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A couple pic he tweets -mag on requested

Luke’s P.O.V
I got a message from our manager that he needed to speak to me it was urgent. So that’s where I was sat outside his office waiting for him. “Luke how are you” he said coming out the office “I’m good how are you” I replied “great , fantastic now please come in ” he invited me in. We sat down and he got out an envelope from his desk draw. “Now Luke you know I hate to do this but I’m just thinking what’s best for the band” he began making me confused. My eyes looked down at the envelope as he opened it and took out what was inside. Inside there were screenshots of my tweets that were aimed at my girlfriend and paparazzi pictures of us holding hands and kissing. “Wtf is this” I shouted “this -this belongs here” he said getting up and chucking them in the bin. “Because it’s either this relationship or this bands career that will be going down the garbage” he spoke. “Are you telling me I can’t see my girlfriend” I shouted at him “oh no see her all you want but don’t be seen with her that’s what I’m saying” he sat back down “no ” I told him “see Luke your brand is the cute teenage heartthrob which you can’t be if you taken because fans think they can date you and that’s what keeps them fans ” he told me which made me furious . “No what makes our fans stay our fans is the great music that we work so hard on not who were dating” I said. “Oh Luke don’t be so naive” he laughed making me even more mad “for the first time in ages I’m happy and that is down to my beautiful girlfriend there is no one that supports and loves me more than her she is my biggest fan , and I am so in love I’m deeply in love that I just want to scream it out on the rooftop so fuck you for telling me to hide it and fuck my fake fans who agree with you” I shout at him and walk out. I was so furious my whole body was shaking. When I got home I tried to hide it but (y/n) could see it. “What’s wrong babe?” She looked at me worriedly. “I got told something today , which doesn’t really matter what but it made me realise that I have never really announced to my fans that your mine “I say . She doesn’t believe it but she comes over and hugs me”I thought we had to keep it a secret” she asked . “It’s no secret how crazy in love I am about you” I tell her. She giggles cutely in that way that make me love her even more. I pick her up and take her over and chuck her on the bed and crawl on top of her. “What happened to announcing it” she teased “it can wait” I winked and the rest after that is a secret.

Later that night I tweeted this

"Okay so I’m going to be 100% honest with you I was asked to hide being in a relationship today but that’s not something I’m going to do. For the first time I’m experiencing what being in love really is and hiding it isn’t what I want so to my real fans who support us as a band I love you and thought you deserved this "

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Awh jack Johnson is my homeless romantic, so cute!!!!!!
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Huh sorry haha I don’t understand this ?x

Both cameron and Nash like you

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Hey! I love your blog Can I please have a ship with Magcon/26MGMT? If you wouldn't mind! I am short, dark Brown hair and eyes, I am shy when I first meet someone but after a bit I let out my outgoing and loud personality, i love to dance and play volley ball, I have freckles, I'm pretty weird and I like riding dirt bikes and ATV's! Thank you!!!
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I’m going to ship you with Taylor caniff because you honestly seem perfect to him. Taylor’s not very tall so you being short is a plus , Taylor would get you out of your shy bubble so you could both be loud and crazy together. You to wouldn’t do the whole boring dinner date thing however you would go on fun adventurous dates such as quad bikes Etc . However that doesn’t mean Taylor would be romantic ;)

Yours and your boyfriends matching hoodies (one direction)-requested

Luke-“Urgh we have been her for ages ” luke moaned “yes I know but one more store I promise ” you told him and dragged him into Victoria secret. You couldn’t help but laugh at how awkward Luke was feeling and how hard was trying not to take his eyes of the floor. You carried on looking through when you felt some hand wrap around your waist . “The red one but is there much point because I will rip it off you in a second ” he whispered in your ear “well who said I was going to late you rip it of me” you teased him ” we will see about that he turned you around and kissed you. “Oh my god it’s luke hemmings !” You heard a girl shout and everyone began to scream. Girls started to run at you guys from every direction , luke grabbed your hand an led you out. “Okay babe you ready to run in 3..2..1!”

Calum-Fans suspected you two were dating but you weren’t prepared to handle going out public . So that Ment when ever you two went put it was like a tag game between you guys and the paparazzi . You and Calum where going to get some dinner however you always had to go through the back to avoid paparazzi . When you got in you and Calum sat down but they were still taking pics from the window. Calum saw it was upsetting you so he got up and took your hand. He led you in to the bathroom and in a stall. “Baby are you okay” he got some tissues and dried your eyes “yeah I’m just scared” you said “scared of what” he asked “what you fans are going to say to me” “babe whatever they say doesn’t matter because you are perfect to me ” he said to you and kissed your lips.

Micheal- there was nothing that annoyed Michael more than paparazzi . So when ever you are out with him he is so protective . He would shield you and walk right behind you making sure you were okay . There were fans everywhere trying to get closer everyone was pushing and you couldn’t take it anymore. You squeezed micheal a hand and he understood. “Babe follow me” he whispered on your ear . He made a gap between the people and you and him ran. They followed you until you guys hid in an ally way . “That was so fun” you said out of breath . Michael pushed you to the wall and started kissing your neck . “You know what neck kisses do to me” you groaned “exactly” he teased.

Ashton-You guys were out getting some late night ice cream because Ashton really wanted some. However him being the idiot he is accideltu tweeted that he was going to get some ice cream and now every ice cream store is filled with screaming fans. “What are we going to do” you asked him as you pulled up to the final ice cream store and saw even more fans where there. “I have an Idea” Ashton said and grabbed a hoodie , scarf and some glasses . “They won’t recognise me now ” he said “yeah because you look like a murderer ” you laughed “hey do you want ice cream or not “he said getting out of the car . “Fine ” you laugh getting out and holding his hand. You guys go in and order your ice cream . Your shocked that your getting away with this however Ashton could not help but make a comment back to the girl who said 5sos are shit. Which made everyone realise it was him and you guys had to run back in the car without your Ice cream

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i love this blog your imagines are amazing , keep up the good work!
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Aww thankyou !

Your favourite hoodie of his that you wear when he’s away

You were chillin with the boys after the magcon show waiting for your boyfriend Shawn to finish up. “I bet you can’t drink that whole bottle of chilli in 10 seconds without making a face”Matt dared Nash. “Fine” Nash replied and grabbed the bottle . “Okay ready” cameron told him as he began to vine it and Nash drank the chilli and began to scream making everyone laugh. Even Shawn who you had now noticed finished and is standing at the doorway. He turned to look at you and smiled and lent out his hand for you. You got up and held it “you did really all tonight”you sad to him as you cuddled into his chest. “Thanks babe” he hugged you tighter “aww look at the love birds” cameron cooed and turned the phone to vine you guys “go away ” Shawn laughed and you tucked in tighter to Shawn’s chest. “You ready ” he asked you as he pulled your chin up “yeah ” you told him and he held your hand and you guys walked out. As you walked out you guys got swarmed by Shawn’s fans . Some where trying to pull you away from Shawn so they can get a picture with him. You were starting to get claustrophobic and having a panic attack when one fan tugged at your jumper “oi slut” she shouted “get off him you don’t deserve him” she continued . You turned to look at her with now a tear in your eye . Shawn heard and look aswell , now everyone was quite and Shawn pulled you in closer “your right she doesn’t deserve me, she deserves so much better but I love her with all my heart and I hope that is enough for her” he said , you turned to look at him and smiled he grabbed you by your waist and protected you all the way to car. When you got in you snuggled up to him “it’s more than enough ” you said to him “I love you babe and I get scared everyday that one day this hate will get to much for you and you will leave me and if you do I’ll brake my whole world will just shatter” he told you “I’ll never leave you” you kissed him.