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Your outfit to prom with one direction
1)Niall Horan

2)Zayn Malik

3)Louis Tomlinson

4)Harry Styles

5)Liam Payne


Your text messages from you and your boyfriend


Dating the magcon boys involve :
(Sorry I didn’t do all of them I know )

Today was your best friends birthday and for her present you stayed up all night to get her tickets to her favourite bands concert. Your friend Jess was obsessed with one direction and she dragged you along with her. “I’m so excited ” she shrieked in the car on the way to the concert “what about you (y/n)” her mum asked you “yeah definitely” you lied . Her mum raised her eyebrow and laughed , Jess turned around and looked at you “there are so many fans that wish they had your ticket” she told you “why don’t you take them then ” you teased her “because your my bestfriend and you need to experience this with me” she continued . “We are here” her
mum pulled up to the curb “YAY!” Jess got out “great” you rolled your eyes and left the car.

You got through the lines of screaming girls and were finally aloud into the stadium. “Shit” Jess sighed when you walked in and saw the masses of people there . “How am I going to see them from here, I know we should of come earlier” Jess began “if we jump we can see them”you tried to comfort her. “No” she started to tear up and you hated seeing her upset. So you grabbed her hand and ducked down. Then you squeezed through the gaps until you where 2nd line from the front but the view was perfect. You looked around and none of them had noticed you pushed in front of them “happy?” You asked Jess “yes Thankyou , look they started !” She pointed out . “Great…..” You breathed.

You and the blonde one kept making eye contact but you didn’t think much of it. However close to the end Liam (your remembered his name) crouched down to the security guard whilst Harry talked to the crowd. He seemed to murmur something into the security’s guards ear and pointed to your direction. The security guy turned and looked where he was pointing and you quickly changed your glance away so you didn’t look noisy.

You looked up from your phone because the crowd started to scream and you realised that the boys were waving goodbye. The stage floor began to drop and the boys sunk down. When they were completely gone the music got faster and then stopped and the lights came back on . You turned to look at Jess and she was smiling from ear to ear “that was great Thankyou so much” she hugged you “your welcome ” you laughed . “Okay we need to get out of here now” you said looking around to find the way out . “Over there “Jess pointed out and you followed her but before you could two security guards came in front of you. “Excuse me miss” they stopped you , Jess realised you weren’t following her and looked back . She walked over confused “Mr . Payne has asked to see you backstage” they told you “who?” You asked “what Liam !” Jess interrupted “yes” one of the guy said getting annoyed “would you like to go”he asked “not really” you told them and they looked at each other shocked “no she would!” Jess added and you looked at her .”please” she mouthed . “Fine” you told them “she can’t go” the security guard pointed to Jess “we’ll I’m not going to go without her ” you told them . He started to get annoyed but then said “fine she can come”. You followed the guards and Jess was squeezing your hand tighter and tighter the closer you got . The guards led backstage and into what looked like a game room. When you walked in Jess freaked out but tried to act cool because Niall and zayn were sat playing FIFA . They seemed to know you where coming “hey how are you “Niall paused the game and came to hug us . He hugged Jess first and she was nearly in tears then I awkwardly hugged him. When I pulled away Jess was already hugging zayn. “Hey beautiful don’t cry” he wiped away her tears I walked over and helped Jess “hey ” zayn smiled “hi” you replied. “Liam’s busy right now but do you guys wanna hang out with us ” Niall said “sure “Jess said “game of FIFA ” I suggested and they both looked at you confused that a girl can play FIFA. “Um yeah okay” Niall handed you over the controller and you sat next to zayn. “Don’t go easy on me” you smirked at zayn “okay if you insist” he said. You played the game and you and zayn were drawn when Harry walked in with a box of doughnuts . “Christmas is coming early ” he joked and handed out doughnuts. Everyone just chilled but you still hadn’t seen Liam when an assistant came in and told everyone that they will be doing photos . “Hey do you two want to come, with us you guys can have a group photo” he asked us and before you could speak Jess had already answered and was following them. Zayn laughed and helped you up ” she’s and eager one isn’t she ” “yeah she loves you guys” you replied and followed them . When you got there you saw Liam and Louis being touched up by their hairstylists finishing the last touches . Liam noticed you and smiled but then Jess ran up and hugged him .

You got a group photo and when you finished you felt someone grab your elbow . “Hey can I talk to you for a second” Liam asked you, you nodded and followed him. “Soo did you like the show ?” He tried to make conversation “it was okay ” you replied bluntly “what’s your name by the way?” He asked . “Look I know what’s happening here, your the famous heartthrob and you think that you can use your fame and good looks to get with any girl you want ” you bursted out. “We’ll that’s a long name” he tried to joke “let me just ask you a question how many times have you done this before ?” You asked “do what?” He replied “bring a girl backstage smooth talk her and probably get lucky at the end of the night” you said and he didn’t reply . “Exactly” you rolled your eyes and walked away “wait” he grabbed your wrist and turned you around. “I have never done that and I can swear hand on heart about it . You caught my eyes and I just wanted to get to know you” he told you “and I know you would never of have come backstage if it wasn’t for your friend because I understood your not a fan when I saw you were checking the weather report instead of watching us perform” he added . “Oh sorry” you felt bad “it’s okay not everyone is going to be a fan and I know that but I also really want to get to know you better ” he replied . “No funny business ?” You asked “no just me you and an extra cheesy pizza ” he told you . “Okay then” he made you laugh “on one condition” you stopped “what?” He asked “that the pizza is stuffed crust ” you told him “I like you already” he laughed.

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You break up with Cameron because long distance wasn’t working and he doesn’t take it well

Later than evening (y/n) and Cameron were cuddling in bed watching a movie. Cameron had gone downstairs and got a tub of ice cream that they had both demolished. As they were watching (y/n) got hold of Cameron’s hand. She flipped it so that Palm of his hand was facing down and she placed it on her ever growing belly. Cameron looked up and he couldn’t help but have a huge smile on his face. However the moment was short lived at the sound of the door . “Hey (y/n) we are home, did you have tea”her mum shouted up the stairs. (Y/N) quickly got up of the bed and pulled her hoodie down over her bump. “Quick you have got to go” she told cameron panicking “no (y/n) you have to tell them ” Cameron told her “no, not now I can’t!”she said “yes! How long do you think you can keep hiding that bump they will find out sooner than later” Cameron replied . (Y/N) started to panic because she knew he was right “okay” she breathed and cameron cupped her face and pulled her in for a kiss . She then grabbed his hand and they walked downstairs.
“Hey darli-” her dad began but then he looked at Cameron and stopped . “I didn’t realise cameron was here ?” Her mum said “honey I thought we told you not to have guests around when we are out” she tried to fake smile “mum, dad we need to tell you something ” (y/n) told them . Her parents looked at each other then back at her “sit down” she directed them and they all followed her into the living room . Once they were all seated (y/n) squeezed Cameron’s hand and stood up. She took a deep breath in and pulled her top up revealing her bump. Her mum put her hand over her mouth in shock and her dad began screaming . “You stupid little fool , stupid STUPID LITTLE GIRL” he got up. “And I’m guessing that he’s the father ” he pointed to cameron “your getting an abortion” her mother demanded “NO IM NOT!” (Y/N) finally let her voice be heard “I’m totally against that” she spoke “we’ll we are totally against out teenage daughter having sex ” her father interrupted “you either get rid of the baby or leave” her mum said “Fine I don’t want to be part of this shit hole” (y/n) said and ran out of the house. Cameron stood staring at the father “your and idiot ” he told him “I’m the idiot your the one whose going to be a teenage father” he hissed back. “I might be a teenage father but I’ll be a better father than you will ever be ” Cameron looked him dead in the eye “you don’t even know what a good father is” her father said “no I might not , but I’ll fucking try and one things for sure if my kid is ever in trouble I will never kick them out into the street ” he said and walked out “you disgust me” he turned to look back at her parents and then ran to follow (y/n). Cameron looked up and down the street but could not see her. He rang her phone but she wouldn’t pick up. Then he remembered her favourite place to go whenever she was stressed or scared about and exam . When Cameron arrived he smiled at himself because he was right he walked up to her and hugged her behind her waist. “Cameron” she turned around and hugged him and began to cry. “What are we going to do” she sobbed “I don’t know but it’s going to be okay” Cameron tried to reassure her …. And himself. He held her tight for a while , while she carried on crying. He dried of her tears and held her hand. “Babe ” he said making her look up to him. He took a deep breath in, got down on one knee and pulled a box out. “Oh my god no” she pulled her other hand up to cover her mouth “no I’ might be a teen mum but I’m not a teen bride” she told him “no! I don’t want to be a husband either ” he said opening the box. (Y/n) looked down and saw it wasn’t a ring but a necklace . She took it out of the box and bought it closer to her . It read

C.D —> Y.N

(Y/N) looked up at Cameron who was now onto his feet. “It’s a promise from me to you that I will try so damn hard to be the best father I can be to our child, something I never had. I’ll be there for their first steps, to teach it to walk and ride a bike. Take it to it’s first day of school and be the first parent there to pick it up. I’ll be the shoulder they cry on when they get there first heart break. I’ll be the one clapping as hard as I can to the day they graduate high school and the one that will drive them off to college. I’m going to sort my life out, I’m going to go to college , get a good job and give our child everything they need. But most importantly it’s a promise from me to you that I’m not old enough to ask you to marry me but I know one day I will and to please just stick up with me till that day comes because (Y/N) I love you and I’m so in love with you” Cameron said “I love you so much and it will be okay, maybe not now, maybe not then but I know one day it’s going to be okay” (y/n) cupped Cameron’s face and kissed him.

A/N- THANKYOU!! Thanks guys for all the support and lovely messages you guys send me they mean a lot and I hope this was an ending you will love :) x

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It’s up soon hopefully tonight :)x

Part 3 will be up soon <3