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You and magcon boys kids through the years - highly requested

This imagine is inspired by Shawns song : the weight

Shawn’s P.O.V
“I can’t believe you” I shout to her . “Can you blame me?”she asked “of course I can , I gave you all of me . I loved you with all my heart and treated you like a fucking queen but how did you treat me like some shit that you found on the sidewalk” I said to her holding back the tears . “Shawn ” she tried to hold my hand but I pulled it away “don’t , you can’t do this to people . Now you will see what you have lost because I was the best thing that could probably happen to you” I spoke knowing that with every word it was destroying her. But I didn’t care I wanted to , I want her to be as destroyed as I was when I found out she slept with my best friend. “Oh yeah you keep talking like your all innocent but your far from it mendes ” she stood up now crying . It hurt so bad seeing her crying and all I wanted to do was wipe her tears hug her tight and kiss her lips but she’s been busy kissing my best friends lips to even care about me. “what like when you go away for months on ends and expect me to be happy with a 5 min Skype call every month , or when I have to wake up every morning to pictures of you kissing your fans all over the internet . Or how about the news articles of you being rumoured to date someone, and then all you tell me is to not believe them. But how am I supposed to not believe them when the pictures are so believable ” she dried the tears from her eyes and turned away . “It’s okay if you are mad you should be but don’t act like you didn’t do anything wrong “. I took a moment to think “I am in the wrong I thought you loved me enough to be happy that I’m living my dream and that you would be supportive but your not and that means you don’t love me . Which is why you did what you did but it’s okay because my affection for you will go and you should go to. I left wiping the single tear from my eye .


Your P.O.V
You know your used to all the hate you get. It’s always been normal . However ever since you and cameron officially told everyone you were dating the hate got a million times has gotten so bad that you don’t even leave your house. Your too scared to go out because of all the…

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your preferences are great! :)
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Aww thankyou really appreciate it :)

Dating the magcon boys involve :
(Sorry I didn’t do all of them I know )

Going to a posh event with your boyfriend from 5sos

However i do have time to do a couple of ships so send me in a request with a bit about your personality and I’ll ship you !

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Could i have a magcon ship?😊 Im 17, blue eyes & brown hair (icon is me) Im small haha like 5'2 & roughly 100 pounds and i don't like wearing a lot of make up. I love listening to music (pop-rock, chill indie& r&b) I'm also very outgoing, random & weird (in a good way) i could live in the water, i love the beach. Im sarcastic & have an inappropriate sense of humor. My style is hipsterish. I kind of play hard to get, im confident & i can be cocky. Im brutally honest. Thanks❤️xx
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At first I was going to say Taylor because you basically just described a female version of him to me but then I thought opposites attract and I think Cameron Dallas is defiantly the one. You play hard to get but he will try as hard as he can to get you. You both have inappropriate seances of humour and would constantly pull pranks on each other . Cameron’s favourite thing about you was that your brutally honest and he loves the fact your natural because he doesn’t like fakes. (Sorry if it’s not that one you wanted , but it’s my opinion - much love xox)

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Heyyy could you ship me with someone? :) i'm 157cm & i'm actually pretty close to the boys' age, i'm just really short. I currently have brown hair, with a red tinge but my original hair colour is black. I'd say i'm not socially awkward & i'mfunny/weird. I like talking a lot & love hanging out in big groups. I've modelled once or twice & i kinda overdress a lot :/ but it's in a classy way. I can come off as being sassy but that's just my humour haha.i'm australian & i'm named after a flower
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I’m shipping you with Taylor caniff , you seem like you two have basically the same personality . Your both funny and weird and you over dress but he just over does everything haha . I can imagine you two going on over the top dates but they would be just as fun as you two going for late night drives with him. He would probably shower you with gifts but he’s Taylor and who couldn’t love that.

A couple pic he tweets -mag on requested